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Original drawings are digitally transformed and hand-woven into bespoke ponchos or commission artworks.  This creative UK textile design studio has access to the technology and know-how to produce skilfully mastered unique woven designs. 

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Working with people to realise their artistic visions, Fiona enjoys rising to a challenge and is happy to guide people through the commission weaving process.  She offers a personal service and short lead times.

Fiona is very happy to discuss projects and collaborations.

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From 'Introduction to Jacquard' courses to specialist weave tuition using the studio TC2 loom, Fiona offers a range of courses and internships in the studio in the southwest of England and is happy to discuss your requirements and tailor courses to your needs.


More about Fiona J Sperryn...

Fiona Sperryn MA RCA is the creator of this studio and it was during a Masters course at the Royal College of Art that she discovered the equipment which allowed her to combine her love of drawing and weave - a jacquard loom.

A high degree of technical knowledge underpins the design process.  Fiona has developed her skills working as a freelance textile designer for weave, selling samples for industry in the UK and US (clients include CK home, CK menswear, M&S, Boden).  She has designed in a New York studio and as a lover and keen learner of languages, has enjoyed working at mills in Guatemala and Italy. She has lectured in Textile Design at Falmouth University for a number of years and has exhibited in London, Cornwall and Berlin.

Inspiration comes from her local environment, Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, and wider themes of sustainability and biodiversity.  Fiona has a hands-on approach, drawing in various media, choosing colours and sustainable yarns before translating the ideas through digital media into files to be hand-woven on a state-of-the-art jacquard loom.  A love of the technical processes, construction and finishing of cloth allow her to create a unique product.  Every project is filled with new design ideas and fuelled with technical challenges.