Giant Squid 'Architeuthis dux'

Giant Squid 'Architeuthis dux'


Mysterious creature of the deep, up to 13m long, living at depths ranging from 300 to 1000m. The striking image of the squid was drawn from footage filmed from a submarine deep in the Pacific Ocean. With thanks to Dr Kubodera of the National Museum of Nature and Science of Japan for his kind permission to use his photographs.

Original drawings of the creature, squid skin patterns and textured mark-making were combined and worked digitally to produce a file which could read by the jacquard loom. The piece was then hand-woven with coloured yarns blended like paints. Yarns include silk, viscose and rayon floss, which combine to create a shining creature on a matte black background.

This bold hand-woven hanging measures approximately 70cm wide by 132cm long. It can be easily hung by means of a solid rod which passes through a tube created in the top of the piece. This rod can either be supported on two wall tacks or hung from wires. (Please note fittings are not included but we are happy to discuss your requirements).

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